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219-All-day Seduction

Delight Your Marriage

08/19/19 • 31 min

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  • What does it mean and WHY would you actually do it?
  • What if it’s COMPLETELY outside of your personality?
  • What to actually do? (Steamy examples!)


Before we dive in...

I run a men's course called Masculinity Reclaimed: Be respected, enjoy fierce intimacy and love being married again.

It's a program which helps you understand how to be an amazing husband so your wife wants to do this kind of stuff. It dramatically transforms marriages.

I work with men in this program and interview their wives who started out rating their intimacy as a 3 out of 10 and then they move to a 7 out of 10 or from a 5 out of 10 to a 9 out of 10!


ALL-DAY seduction is:

  • not normal for me
  • I don't wake up thinking I want to be someone who likes playful touching throughout the day

I thought it was sinful. “Why think about sex the whole day???” was my question.

Well, now I’ve changed my tune. Here’s why...

The reason I do this work:

  • I love families
  • I love what children have when it's a safe, loving family
  • The desire for intercourse isn't the motivation. It's the answer to "how do we make the world safer"?
  • We make better children who have parents who love each other so well that they're able to live a trauma-free life

God wants children to be raised up in the right, safe, kind environment. And sex is vital to that because that's how your husband receives love.

Why do great men of God fall to sexual sin? The sexual sin is great...

  • 35% of internet downloads is pornography
  • “Sex” is the #1 search term
  • Pornography increases marital infidelity rate by more than 300%
  • Adultery destroys your soul
  • God made him with a strong desire
    • And God gave him that desire; the average man has about 11 erections a day!

So where do we go from here? I’m not saying you’re responsible for his fidelity. But I think you have an opportunity to support him in this really sinful world.

Have a system of seduction throughout the day:

  • Bring up intimacy throughout the day!
  • Touch him!
  • Give him a kiss through his clothes --- do it any time of the day!
  • Always change in front of him
  • Tell him "I can't wait to do more"


  • Late September, I have a women's course called The Delighted Wife: Reclaim Your Sexuality Live In Your Womanly Wisdom And Witness Him Cherish You
  • If you want to find out if this is the right step for you, go to so we can speak 1:1 to discuss your situation. No matter what it’s a $500 value but free to podcast listeners and you’ll get amazing free value and clarity so sign up as soon as you can!


Belah's book---Delight Your Husband: A Christian wife's manual to passion, confidence and oral sex---may be the tool God would use to bring light and joy to your marriage bed.

If you're at a place of desire for change in intimacy in your marriage--men or women--consider signing up for a free Clarity Call ($500 value!) where you and Belah will dive deep into what's going on in your marriage and help you uncover what is blocking amazing intimacy! From couples that hadn't made love in years to couples who were in an affair--God has brought passion, healing and fun to these marriages!

She's currently offering this 40min Clarity Call opportunity to podcast listeners for free! Schedule here.


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