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Curio: History, Museums, and the Things We Put in Them

Shan Gilbert

Museums are full of strange history, from the artifacts in them to the people behind them. Every couple of weeks, Shan and Jaybee share a story, from the greatest heists to the weirdest collections. Curio covers anything and everything museumy with a comedic tone and a curious mind.

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It's da bomb. Shan and Jaybee launch into the nuclear age, learning all about the Nevada Test Site and the development of radioactive technology, and how it relates to a host of irradiated mannequins of the National Museum of Atomic Testing. Learn about all the weird ways people used to ingest radium! Atomize Vegans! Bleeding earballs! And the tragic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the powerful design of the Hiroshima Peace Pavilion.

It's a party mix of laughter, deep, deep horror, and sadness, on this week's Curio.


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