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Tampon Flasks, Bro Walls, and Taking Time to Nail Your Brew with Leah Howard

Consuming the Craft

06/04/19 • 36 min

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Leah Howard is the owner of H&H Distillery, a 4-year-old craft spirits distillery based in Asheville, NC. H&H Distillery currently distills three great-tasting spirits: Hazel 63 Rum, Asheville Coffee Liqueur, and Hwy 9 Gin - all of which are available in ABC stores throughout North Carolina as well as select locations in Illinois.

Leah joins me today to share the story of how H&H Distillery got started, why they decided to spend the first full year in business focusing on crafting their product, and the importance of learning to properly run and manage your still before launching your product into the market. She explains the risks and legal implications associated with home distilling and the challenges many small distilleries face regarding the new bills and legislation occurring in the industry. She also explains the importance of connecting with others within the craft beverage community, how it can impact the growth of your business.

This week on Consuming the Craft:

  • How H&H Distillery was born.
  • Why it took the company a full year to release their first product to the marketplace.
  • The importance of developing your product before bringing it to market.
  • The legal amount of wine and beer you can make in a home-based brewery.
  • The risks and legal regulations regarding distilling at home.
  • The challenges associated with selling craft spirits.
  • New laws, bills, and legislation occurring in the industry that can affect small craft spirit distilleries.
  • The difference sales codes distillers must comply with in order to sell their products to consumers.
  • The Booze Clues ruby red cocktail surprise.
  • The importance of connecting and networking with other professionals in the industry.
  • How cultivated cocktails enhance the customer’s drinking experience.
  • The concept behind the Bro Wall, Tampon Flasks, and Cocktail Cans.

Connect with Leah Howard:

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