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Gargling Cognac, Partying with Mom & Working with a Fractional CEO with Audra Gaiziunas

Consuming the Craft

06/03/19 • 41 min

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Audra Gaiziunas is the founder and CEO of Brewed for Her Ledger, a management consultancy firm helping businesses and entrepreneurs in the craft brewing and cider communities improve profitability through business plan reviews, operational auditing, designing financial management systems, and providing full-service bookkeeping solutions. She is a Maven of Breweries and Wineries that has worked exclusively in the craft beer industry for a decade. She holds an undergraduate degree in accounting and business management from Loras College and a graduate degree from the prestigious Kenan-Flagler OneMBA Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Audra joins me today to share how she became known as a “fractional CEO” and beer maven. She shares her first experience of home brewing an all-grain smoked porter beer and why she runs half marathons for beer. She explains how your systems and processes impact your numbers and why it’s important to regularly review and update your Chart of Accounts. She also shares some of the most common mistakes she sees small breweries and wineries make as well as the benefits of working with a “fractional CEO” to improve your business operations and increase profits.

This week on Consuming the Craft:

  • What is a “Fractional CEO” for breweries and wineries?
  • How Audra helps brewery and winery CEO’s bridge the gap between their passion for bubbly beer and understanding the numbers.
  • Her first foray into home brewing.
  • Why she runs a half marathon to “earn her beer.”
  • How your systems and processes can help you improve your numbers without sacrificing quality.
  • The benefits of working with a “fractional CEO.”
  • The impact of trying to micromanage your brewery employees.
  • The most common mistakes Audra has seen in breweries and wineries.
  • The Super Boozey Booze Clues orange golden toffee liquor and the unconventional lessons Audra has learned from her mother.
  • The different flavor profiles between blackcurrant and redcurrant.
  • Audra’s mother’s Eastern European spirit concoctions - including her interesting take on a traditional cavass recipe.
  • The interesting - yet unknown - Lithuanian beer culture.
  • Why the Lithuanian beer culture is the heart of craft artisan beer.
  • The Game of Thrones Viking Effect of mead.

Connect with Audra Gaiziunas:

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