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Comparing Store Picked and Non-Store Picked Bourbons with Whiskey Enthusiast Chris Harshman

Consuming the Craft

06/03/19 • 41 min

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Chris Harshman is a ‘Whiskey Enthusiast’ and the Director of Technology Services at A-B Tech Community College in Asheville, NC. Chris holds a Full Stack Web Development Certification and Computer Software Engineering Certification from Free Code Camp, a Bachelor’s degree from Elon University, and a Law degree from Temple University. Additionally, he holds a Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma and a PMP Certification from the Project Management Institute.

Chris joins me today to share how he became a whiskey and bourbon enthusiast and why he believes there’s ‘no wrong way’ to drink bourbon. He describes the various ways he enjoys drinking good bourbon and shares how staying hydrated throughout the day impacts your experience. He also discusses the sensory experiences and challenges that many bourbon judges and tasters experience when judging various types of bourbons as well as the differences between store picked and non-store picked bourbons.

This week on Consuming the Craft:

  • What inspired Chris’s enthusiasm with whiskey.
  • Why your taste for whiskey may change as you get older.
  • How he enjoys drinking bourbon.
  • How proper hydration impacts your experience of drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • The challenges associated with whiskey and bourbon tasting and judging.
  • Why it’s important for bourbon judges to swallow the bourbon, instead of spitting it out, when judging different bourbons.
  • What aromatic compounds are and how they impact your whiskey tasting experience.
  • How the processing process impacts the ‘mouth feel’ while drinking whiskey and bourbon.
  • The benefits of “barrel picking” and the importance of distillers establishing relationships with vendors.
  • The Booze Clues Old Weller store pick vs non-store pick bourbon challenge.
  • My 10-part whiskey tasting method.
  • How your sensory memory and recognition impacts your preferred whiskey choices.
  • Does non-chill filtering truly change the taste of whiskey?

Connect with Chris Harshman:

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