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Complete Human

Complete Human

Welcome to The Complete Human Podcast, hosted by Janna Breslin and Evan DeMarco. We explore the world of bio-optimization, offering practical tools to support Mental Fortitude, Physical Health, Spiritual Abundance and Planetary Connection. But what is a healthy mind and body without a healthy planet? Complete Human takes the conversation one step further by shining a light on the problems of old and discussing viable solutions to many of the biggest issues we face as a species. Complete Human, with and without guests, bring authentic stories that encourage optimal health, vibrant community and social responsibility.

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Do you know what your continuous glucose levels are? Most people don’t, so don’t feel bad! But, did you know keeping track of your glucose levels can reveal many important things about your daily diet and habits? It is possible and that’s why we are going to dive into in this episode of the Complete Human podcast.

How we do this is through were a Continuous Glucose Monitor. While many people think of these monitors for those with diabetes exclusively, they have become more mainstream and are now used by those who are serious about understanding what’s going on within their body and how what they are eating and doing daily is effecting their overall health.

One of the things we've been talking about for years is the value of diagnostic testing. While there's no singular test out there to really quantify true metabolic health, there are certain things that we can look at time and time again as kind of precursors to metabolic dysfunction, mitochondrial dysfunction, and insulin resistance. One of those is a continuous glucose monitor.

We have both been wearing our levels, which is a Continuous Glucose Monitor that attaches to an app. By wearing this, we've been able to actually not only track our glucose on a consistent basis, but also look at the data as it pertains to certain food activity.

So in this particular episode, we have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Taylor Sittler, who's the head of research and development over at Levels and we really get into the weeds on metabolic health, what is contributing to metabolic dysfunction, and how we can overcome and avoid these issues through measuring and understanding our glucose levels.

Levels is currently running a closed beta program with a waitlist of over 160,000 people. If you'd like to skip that line and participate in their early access program today, click here: more from LEVELS:
Levels Instagram: @levels
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Did you know that 70% of our brain’s information about movement comes from our feet? So, it follows that healthy feet come with a healthy mind.

But a lot of what we do every day kills our feet, such as strutting in tight-fitting cushioned modern shoes!

In this episode of Complete Human, Vivobarefoot Founder Galahad Clark joins Janna and Evan to discuss everything you need to know about foot health and the evolutionary benefits of barefoot walking (and running). Galahad also details how modern shoes, which he blatantly calls “foot coffins,” affect muscle development in kids and disrupt the brain-foot sensory feedback. We dig deep into the fascinating science behind Vivobarefoot’s technology, too! And then we end the episode telling why reconnecting your body with nature and your soul starts with letting your soles touch the ground.

Galahad Clark is a seventh-generation descendent of the Clark family dynasty and founder of Vivobarefoot. This London-based footwear company features ultra-thin puncture resistance soles that let your feet do the natural thing.

What we discuss:

3:50 - On continuing his family's shoemaking legacy

7:00 - Why he almost went bankrupt & how Vivobarefoot came to life

11:00 - Why modern shoes are considered "foot coffins"

14:20 - The brain-foot connection + how cushioned shoes could lead to degenerative diseases

24:00 - The sad truth about the shoe industry & his quest to making a difference

32:00 - How tight-fitting shoes affect posture & children's natural movement

38:00 - What your squat form reveals about your foot health

42:00 - All about Vivobarefoot

Learn more from Galahad Clark:


Instagram: @galahadclark

Get 10% off on Vivobarefoot shoes with code COMPLETE HUMAN at

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Did you know your overall health is highly dependent on your oral health? There is a synergic relationship between the two.
Did you know gum disease is the most common chronic inflammatory condition in the world, plus gum disease is also linked to heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, osteoporosis, and rheumatoid arthritis?
By combing through 1,000-plus medical histories, researchers at the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry found that people with gum disease were twice as likely as others to die from a heart attack and three times as likely to have a stroke. How crazy is that?
In our latest podcast episode, we nerd out on all things oral health with the Co-Founder and Chief Dental Officer, Dr. Lynn Hurst.
Janna and Evan have been using Candid's clear aligners for straightening their teeth for the past few months and have seen not only amazing cosmetic results but also health results! Dr. Hurst, Janna, and Evan chat through the different effects oral health has on your overall health, the evolution of your teeth, the main culprits of poor oral health, and what masks are doing to your facial structure.
What we discuss:
10:00 - Why we seem to have so many oral issues
22:00 - The connection between oral health and cardiovascular health
28:00 - The effects of mask-wearing on facial structure
34:00 - The biggest catalysts for poor oral health
42:00 - Optimal diet for optimal oral health
50:00 - All about Candid
You can use Candid, too! Head over to to get your very own clear aligners.

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