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Color Your Dreams

Elaine Lou Cartas

The Color Your Dreams Podcast is for women of color and allies who are running a business or creating a career. Are you ready to align and purposefully pivot your business or career, while collectively creating a sustainable and equitable future? Tune in every Thursday where Elaine Lou Cartas, a Business and Career Coach for women of color and allies will help you create a lifestyle and legacy you truly want for yourself, and future generations. As a former grassroots organizer and nonprofit fundraiser, Elaine is here to encourage you in creating a business and career that is sustainable, abundant, and enriching - without cookie-cutter programs or trends. With a firm belief in creating the life you want, as opposed to the life your family told you was safe and secure, Elaine and her podcast guests will help you get your priorities straight in every step of your business, career and, more importantly YOUR LEGACY. By holding space for emotional blocks that can come from your unique experience as a woman of color or community ally, you will become empowered to play by your own rules and pave your own path. Just because you don’t see women and allies like you doing it, doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. This movement is about being better together! The Color Your Dreams podcast will help you take your vision and harness the roots you’re proud of to create the success you’re fully capable of. Tune in to the Color Your Dreams Podcast every Thursday to Color Your Dreams to Create Your Legacy!


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