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190: Cider Revitalizes 1750 Colonial Orchard | Massachusetts

Cider Chat

08/21/19 • 57 min

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In 1968, Carol B. Hillman bought a colonial era estate that overlooked the Quabbin Reservoir, Boston's water source, in New Salem, Massachusetts.

Originally attracted to the home onsite which is a classic colonial style home with a fire place in every room and a large hearth for cooking, she and her husband set to task to renovating the home to its full glory. At the same time, she also began bringing the 2 orchards back.

Carol B. Hillman serving cider

The two orchards named "Lawerence and Clara" after Carol's first grandchildren are all standard trees. Many of the trees are over 150 years old. Many of the same people that Carol originally worked with are still with her today, like Steve Wiseman who helps with the orchard and New Hampshire pruner Brad Maloney.

Brad considers the orchard his museum piece. Over the past 30 years he has added his own special touch by using the water sprouts and bending them into what he calls Apple Pretzels, as seen in photo below.

Apple Pretzels

During Franklin County CiderDays this orchard is open on both Sunday and Saturday to family and friends with workshops on all things apple and cider. This is always an outdoor fire, food and crafts.

Carol has always called her fresh pressed apple juice "Cider" or "Sweet Cider" She destains the term apple juice, which to Carol means canned juice that is over pasteurizes and stripped of all the rich flavors that can only be found in orchard pressed juice.

In 2019, the orchard became licensed to ferment cider into "hard cider". William Grote, an award winning cidermaker from Boston, travels out to New Salem each week to make cider.

William Grote outside the CiderMill at New Salem Preserves and Heritage Cider

In short order, an outdoor space was made for visitors to sit in called the Cider Garden. Today, you can order a glass and take a seat or walk about with glass in hand into the orchard.

Current Ciders on Tap or take in a crowler (32 ounce) to go.

  • Redfield, Reine de Pomme, and Macintosh (6.0%)
  • Macintosh, Northern Spy, Empire Blend (6.0%)

More Apple Products at New Salem Preserves

  • Gift box of 18 apples and a jar of strawberry jam - dried in the solar cooker attached to the bar,
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Cider Donuts
  • Apple Butter
  • Sweet Cider - unfermented apple juice
  • Hard Cider

Contact for New Salem Preserves and Heritage Cider




67 S Main St New Salem, Massachusetts 01355 Telephone: (978) 544-3437

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