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Changing Lives With A Horse, (Of Course)! - Episode 123: Krystyna Faroe - She persisted

Episode 123: Krystyna Faroe - She persisted

Changing Lives With A Horse, (Of Course)!

03/22/24 • 70 min

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We are so excited to talk to Krystyna Faroe today! Not only is she one of our amazing facilitators, she is also an extraordinary human who has overcome many trials and tribulations and come out of it all with a positive attitude and a smile that could light up any room.
Her story is not short or without hardships, as most stories of triumph.

Krystyna's parents were Polish refugees in a country that didn't readily welcome them, leading to significant struggles during her upbringing. Her mother's health was fragile, while her father worked night shifts to provide for the family.

Krystyna's family history was marked by hardship, with her mother surviving the horrors of a gulag salt mine, where siblings perished due to starvation. Her father, a veteran of the Battle of Monte Casino in Italy, was part of a storied unit that raised the first flag on the hill during the conflict. Their troop's story, including the adoption of Wojtek, a bear enlisted as a private, garnered attention and was immortalized in films. Wojtek, beloved by all, spent his final days at Edinburgh Zoo.

The experiences of her parents and grandparents deeply influenced Krystyna's DNA, akin to salmon instinctively knowing their spawning grounds. Raised in an environment shadowed by parental PTSD and financial strain, she faced constant discouragement and belittlement of her aspirations.

Despite the odds, Krystyna persisted, embarking on a journey that led her to immigrate to Canada, leaving behind her family and friends. Her path was marked by challenges, including the loss of four horses and personal injuries, yet she remained resilient, replacing her losses and pursuing her passion for Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) despite limited resources.

While her husband initially opposed her horse purchases, she pressed forward with determination, using her own funds to pursue her dreams. The move to a new area, despite the distance from her sons and family, provided opportunities to offer support and expertise to those lacking access to urban amenities.

Throughout her life, Krystyna confronted fear and adversity head-on, forging ahead with unwavering determination and a commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

Krystyna has written children's books and articles for informational websites. Her articles have been printed on sites in the United Kingdom and the United States. Her New Adult Science Fiction/Fantasy series of "Elanclose", "Aqueous Passage" and "Travertine" introduce her parviscient protagonist characters, and Kisin the antagonist who not unlike the Kisin god displays anger and ruthlessness.
FB: Krystyna Faroe Elanclose
Harmony Farm Equineimity
Instagram: Harmony Farm Equineimity Elanclose
Goodreads: Krystyna Faroe Amazon: Krystyna Faroe
Barnes & Noble: Krystyna Faroe
Draft2Digital: Krystyna Faroe
Smashwords: Krystyna Faroe
HubPages: Krystyna Faroe

03/22/24 • 70 min

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