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Murmurs, Old Gods of Appalachia, Beyond the Grid


08/16/20 • 30 min

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Wonder no more what podcasts you should listen to this week, our Castologists are on the case. Liz unearths an otherworldly immersive audio podcast with Murmurs; Zane also jumps on the anthology train travelling on the horror side of the tracks with Old Gods of Appalachia; and Nick forces the others to get their motor sports on with Beyond the Grid. Then as always, it’s on to last week’s reviews.

Liz Recommends - Murmurs

There’s a crack in reality and something’s breaking through. Ten mind-altering tales from some of the best new drama podcast writers.

Liz dives into another immersive audio podcast. Think Twilight Zone meets Twin Peaks meets... something else also awesome. From BBC Sounds. Get into it.

For both: Look technically it can be listened to out of order since it’s anthological but I think it benefits from being listened to from the start. Ep 9 was Liz’s fave.

Nick Recommends - Beyond the Grid

Nick does MOTORSPORT! Liz and Zane LOVE IT and they WILL LOVE IT. Well, probably not, but if you're in the mood to get some Formula1 goodness into ya ears then Beyond the Grid is the perfect starter. With infinite team and driver access, Beyond the Grid interviews and details the drivers and histories of Formula1

For both: Try the Daniel Ricciardo and/or the Alain Prost eps!

Zane Recommends - Old Gods of Appalachia

Old Gods of Appalachia is a horror-anthology podcast set in the shadows of an Alternate Appalachia, a place where digging too deep into the mines was just the first mistake. These horror stories are produced by Deep Nerd Media. Old Gods is set in an alternate or shadow Appalachia. An upside-down Appalachia, if you will.

This world feels eerily similar to the hills and hollers we’ve grown up with. But there are some tell-tale differences. The names of towns and counties will be changed. Historical events will slide forward or backward in time. The stories pass through hundreds of years of this Appalachia’s history. To link our story to actual Appalachia, the nexus these first stories are based on actual disasters that occurred in the region, but these real events will also be changed, reshaped and altered on this side of the veil.

No real names will be used for individuals who may have been connected to the real life inspirations for our stories. Any resemblance to actual persons is purely coincidental or the will of darker forces that we do not understand.

For Both: Start from the beginning

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