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Caroline Phipps

Author, Life & Executive Coach

Living With Inner Elegance

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Inspiration For An Elegant Week You Have The Answer. Stepping Into Your Elegant Space. We all have an elegant space – a place where we align mind, body and spirit to understand ourselves better. And this understanding unlocks the most powerful tool we have, the answer within us. Monday, November 2, 2015

This is a re-run of the Inspiration for an Elegant Week, “You Have The Answer: Stepping Into Your Elegant Space.”

In 2012, 8 year old Vivienne Harr saw a photograph of two young African slave boys weighed down by huge pieces of rock strapped to their heads. They were holding hands. She said, “they should be playing,” and she vowed to free 500 of them.

Vivienne’s mission started with her heart but she also understood that compassion without action wouldn’t be enough. She tapped into her elegant space and found the answer: Setting up a lemonade stand with the help of her parents and younger brother.Today The Make A Stand Movement is a global phenomenon.

This amazingly elegant young girl found her own answer. Her example reminds us that we are way more powerful than we know when we put faith and trust in our intuition and act on what we know is the right thing to do. She trusted intuitively that everything we need we already have to succeed.

In this video, “You Have The Answer” we see that the only control we have in this world is the control we have over ourselves. When we step into the silence, stillness and solitude of our elegant space we can access the power of our intuition and discover answers, that we never knew we had, that can reshape our lives and reshape the world.

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