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Buried Bones

Exactly Right



Buried Bones dissects some of history’s most dramatic true crime cases from centuries ago. Together, journalist Kate Winkler Dawson and retired investigator Paul Holes explore these very old cases through a 21st century lens.


#98 in the Top 100 True Crime All time chart

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This week, Billy and Paul are joined by Amanda Knox to talk about the murder case of Derek and Nancy Haysom. Amanda has been an advocate for victims and those who have been unjustly imprisoned since her own exoneration and release from an Italian prison in 2015.

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Author and historian Hallie Rubenhold joins Billy and Paul to discuss her book The Five. The three discuss the five canonical victims--Polly Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Kate Eddowes, and Mary Kelly--of Jack the Ripper in England 1888.

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