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Brexit's History

Steve Rimmer

Welcome to BREXIT'S HISTORY - a look through the archives here at the English Programme to revisit what everyone in the Brexit debate has said, just in case they thought that we'd all forgotten. The following is a 5 minute curation of quotes from those on the battlelines of brexit over the past year - from the famous 'We will implement what you decide' promise, to that description of Theresa May's WA by Boris as vassalage. This series of podcasts is entitled BREXIT'S HISTORY as it has a double meaning - yes we are indeed looking at the history of Brexit but what we really mean is that Brexit is history, as in, it is dead. Boris has taken Theresa May's terrible surrender document and re-heated it. If you're a Brexiteer and you vote for the Tories in December, Brexit is all but dead. If you vote for Boris, we do not get control of our territorial waters; we're still under the yoke of the ECJ; we'll have no vote, no voice and no veto; and we'll be leaving £7bn of our money on the table. If ratified by Parliament, Boris' deal will mean we will only leave the European Parliament and EU Commission, but will remain locked in the Single Market, Customs Union, ECJ, EAW, CAP, CFP, EDA, EDF, PESCO, CSDP, CSFP, EIB and all of the EU’s other organisations.<br>In Jan 2019 the 'then' Brexiteer Owen Paterson said 'Devastating warning from former head of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove and former Chief of the Defence Staff Lord Guthrie. “The Withdrawal Agreement...would place control of aspects of our national security in foreign hands”'. Boris said - May’s WA was dead, Do or die we are leaving on 31st, I’ll die in a ditch before I send a letter and I’d never put a border in Irish Sea. Boris represents the same old politics we need rid of! Boris' treaty deal means the ‘status quo’ EU transition is likely to go on until 2023 at a cost to the British taxpayer of £65 billion. On 2 Nov 2019, 2 days after he told us we were going to leave, Boris ruled-out no deal. If we ever escape...

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