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Brains on the Outside

Alex and Andrew

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Welcome to Brains on the Outside, where we celebrate creativity through ridiculous business ideas! Every Monday, Alex and Andrew are joined by guests (and sometimes you!) to help them pitch fun, fantastical and wholesome businesses to make their ordinary lives more extraordinary!

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Elon has made it clear: no idea is bad enough to not be considered included in a future update to Twitter. We are more than happy to help speed up its death spiral by throwing more ideas into the mix. Tackling another type of melt-down, we discuss the Long-term nuclear waste warning message problem: how can you convince people to leave nuclear waste alone, forever.

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Thank you so much to Rich Endersby-Marsh for mixing today's episode! Rich is in a band called Ethr. You can listen to Lucid, their latest song, on all your favourite streaming platforms. Keep your brains on the outside xo
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Long Term Nuclear Waste Warning Messages:

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