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62: Stop Judging How People Judge You

62: Stop Judging How People Judge You

b Cause Work Doesn't Have to Suck
You're running on the corporate treadmill. It keeps going faster and faster. It keeps getting tougher and tougher. What can you possibly do to not go flying off that treadmill, only to faceplant into the mirror on the wall?! Sometimes you have to look up from all the running you're doing and look straight into that mirror. If you can see the craziness and the beauty that is your authentic self, that's where change starts. First within. Then outside. This week's episode gets deeper and more raw than Nicole or Erin expected. Nicole starts by talking about the "Zoom-bomb" she got from her boss at 8:01 on a Monday morning to let her know of yet another big shift at work - a new CEO. Erin takes some time to coach Nicole, asking her to close her eyes and describe two paths she can go down as she heads into this change. They discuss Nicole's fear of being judged, and how the overcompensation for those fears and insecurities may just be the fuel to the fires she feels time and time again. Erin reflects on moments in her career where she faced similar challenges to Nicole, and they discuss the difference in attitudes, approaches, and outcomes. Finally, Erin asks Nicole to visualize a different path, where she finds self-love and has full control of her success in both her personal and professional life. If you like jammin' with us on the podcast, b sure to join us for more fun and inspiration! Here are some options... Check out the b BRILLIANT career coaching program @ b Cause Podcast Facebook group @ We share even more crazy stuff here (you probably thought that was impossible). Take our simple, fun and insightful "What Kind of Dog Are You At Work?" by going to We have so much fun stuff going on...we wouldn't want you to miss out - join the authenticity movement and our community by adding your email just about anywhere @ Check out our blog for more of our no-BS career advice @ We have fun and inspiring t-shirts @ DISCLAIMER: This episode is not explicit, though contains mild swearing that may be unsuitable for younger audiences. Tweetable Comments: "It was a typical Sunday night: half panic attack, half wanna drink a bottle of tequila and slide into Monday morning. I was feeling pretty good." "You're always half-dressed." "It feels like a loss of control, a complete breakdown in communication." "They're asking for an ocean when what they need is a grain of sand." "If I'm a CEO coming in, I want to have a dialogue. I want to be asked questions." "If you met an asshole in the morning, you met an asshole. If you meet assholes all day, you're the asshole." "That is how I came into this company, and that is how I had success. But I have been beaten down by the system, maybe it's time to be un-beaten down." "The goal was to connect. I defined how we would connect. And I really thought about him first." "Being a survivor is not mutually exclusive to being a victim." "None of this can systemically change until you decide to love yourself." "If you ask good questions - and you ask for feedback you're willing to accept - someone might come back to you and ask the same." "Nothing is wrong, or everything is wrong. That's just who I am."

06/30/20 • 87 min

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