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035 – Women Making a Difference | Shared Benefits | Service League of Northwest Indiana

Ask NWI® | Interviewing NWI's Brightest Minds | Thought-Leaders | Business Owners | Entrepreneurs

03/23/18 • 18 min

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Today on Tri Town Advice Givers, host Mark Borst is in the studio in St. John, Indiana with
guests Gloria Morris and Brenda Richter, members of the Service League Northwest Indiana.
They share the history of Service League, the productive impact that the group has made for
women’s and children’s charities, and the annual Taste of the Region funding raising event.

Time-Stamped Show Notes

00:55 – Brenda Richter introduces herself: been with Service League Northwest
Indiana for over 15 years, with experience in advertising/marketing.
● 01:23 – Gloria Morris has been at Service League Northwest Indiana for less than a
year. Her mother-in-law was involved there for many years and introduced Gloria
to it.
● 02:00 – Service League Northwest Indiana started in 1932 by women looking to
raise money for a local children’s organization and incorporated after
three years of success.
● 02:47 – They launched the successful Taste of the Region to raise money with
local restaurants and sponsors.
● 03:52 – They raise funds for over 30 charities annually, mostly focused on
helping women and children that need the financing, including Haven
House and Riley Kids Camp.
● 06:21 – Service League used to do multiple fundraising galas, but now focus on
one premier event to raise money.
● 07:08 – There are 20-30 active women that are members and there is the
Associates Group of alumni who have been involved for at least 10 years.
Members have to be committed and participate–according to the bylaws.
● 09:22 – Service Leagues determines how much they will allocate and to which
organizations will receive it.
● 11:22 – Attendance has averaged around between 250-450, which is looking to be
even higher in 2018 – with about 37 presenting restaurants.
● 14:13 – 2018 is the 5th year that Taste of the Region has run, and has expanded
from 3 vendors to almost 40.
● 14:43 – Service League has secured fantastic sponsors for Taste of the Region
such as: The Times Media Company and White Lodging,
● 16:09 – There is no extra expense so the majority of donations goes directly to the
charities. Tickets are $65 for all you can eat and drink.
● 17:23 – To register for the event by texting Taste18 to 52182.

Links/Resources/Sponsors Mentioned:

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