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Art Pod for the Curious & Brave

Kacy Latham

Why do we make art?What do we do when we feel discouraged?How do we balance life, work and our passion to create?Is this a hobby or a profession?There are so many things to consider as an artist and that is why this podcast exists!There will be talk of creating, selling, and growing personally as artists. Whether you are a professional or beginner, self-taught or an art school student or alumni, I hope you will join me for a bit. I may not know all the answers but I am curious and determined to pursue this crazy dream of being a fine artist. My first season will be released this summer with 7 flagship episodes. We’ll see how it goes and then take it from there. My website is and you can find me on Facebook and Instagram under the same name. Be curious and be brave.Please follow, rate and review on itunes!

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