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3 Limiting Beliefs (You Think Are True) That Kill Your Success

Art of Mortgage Marketing

10/24/19 • 23 min

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Many of us believe that what gets in the way of our success are the circumstances and external limitations in our lives, whether it’s a lack of opportunity or the real estate market. The truth is, very often, we’re held back by our own untrue thoughts, ideas and beliefs about what we’re capable of, and what it takes to become successful. What are some of the beliefs that limit our ability to manifest our dreams? How do they stop us from being effective and productive? On this episode, I share on the erroneous limiting beliefs that hold us back, and how to make a bold, intelligent, and strategic investment in our breakthroughs.

The most precious and valuable reward for success isn’t what you get, it’s who you become.
- Doren Aldana


  • Everything we have right now is a result of our current comfort zone. It’s impossible for us to go beyond that if we don’t get out of our comfort zones and stretch ourselves.
  • Before we do the activities that will make us successful, we have to become people who can attract that success. We do this through things that feed our minds and souls, like prayer, meditation, studying, visualizing and affirming.
  • Attracting top Realtors is not hard, but if we believe it is, we will struggle. If we have a formula and the right mindset, we can attract agents pretty easily.
  • The metaphysical realm is the source of our power to create and manifest the lives we want.

At the start of the show, I talked about how having the wrong foundational thoughts about ourselves and ability to succeed set us up for failure. Next, I talked about why greater levels of success never take place in our comfort zones, and why it’s non-negotiable to work on ourselves before our businesses. Towards the end, I shared on the danger of thinking that top producing agents don’t want to work with us.

I also shared;

  • Why we have to think and operate differently if we want to level up
  • How reinforcing the status quo kills our growth
  • The importance of owning our victory in advance

Success doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by design, through mindset and taking the right action. One of the most important things we need to do in our path to success is get rid of the mental and emotional stumbling blocks that trip us up. These beliefs will take away our power, productivity, peace and profits, so we need to replace them with a belief system that builds us up. Once we lock in the correct mindset, the actions become easy, and the massive effort we inject into our goals will pay off in a huge way.


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