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5 – Orion’s Metamorphosis – The Story Behind my Tattoo

Art Ink

07/14/19 • 31 min

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[If your podcast app isn’t showing the featured art for this episode above visit to check it out.

Castbox and Podcast Addict are both apps I recommend that do show episode specific art.]

Links from the Show at a Glance:

Email me your favorite podcast app that shows episode specific artwork at

1st Artist: Kaan Armutcu

Title of Art: Butterfly in “butter”

Instagram: @kaanthebald

2nd Artist: Jacqsun Jones

Title of Art: The Butterfly Constellation (it’s my tattoo!!)

Artist’s Website:

Instagram: @dermapunct

I’d love to link you to Kaan’s Butterfly in “butter” painting (the inspiration behind the 1st story), but it appears he’s deleted most of his posts. You’ll just have to use your imagination. to find out more about what it means to be a multipotentialite.

Art Ink Submission Guidelines:

Art Ink Podcast Transcript:


Hello, and welcome back to another episode of Art Ink. Before we even get started today, I have to give you a tech update. It seems like all of the big podcast listening apps suck, and I suppose I just got lucky with Podcast Addict. I didn’t have time to test apps... ok I didn’t remember to test apps, before I launched the first few episodes of Art Ink. But I assumed since my “obscure android app” showed individual art for each episode, that it was pretty much standard on all podcast players. Nope, not so much, and I’ve since found out that Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher do not show episode specific art. Spotify shows artwork, but doesn’t include links in the shownotes, which appear as a giant unformatted mess of text, but hopefully that will change soon as they improve and update the Spotify app.

Anyway, this isn’t to complain but to let you know a couple of ways that you can check out the featured art easily if your app sucks! You can 1) click the link in the shownotes or 2) download one of the apps I recommend

So the easiest way to see the art is to visit the link in the show notes, how you get there will vary in every podcast player, but you want to read the episode description in full. The very 1st line of text in the shownotes includes a link to my website. If you’re not seeing any of this you can always just manually type it into your browser it’ll always be – and then the episode number that you’re trying to look up. So that’s (repeat the web address) and I’ll spell it for you quick: r-e-b-e-k-a-h-n-e-m-e-t-h-y-dot-com-slash-art-ink-5 for example if you wanted to look up this episode.

And if you’re just agitated with your sucky app try one of these:

My favorite app for listening to podcasts is Podcast Addict, it’s free and awesome, but it’s only available for Android devices. (I’m not getting paid to say that by the way, it’s just that it’s the app I’ve been using ever since I discovered my first podcast.)

If you have an iPhone you can use Castbox, and so far this is the only app I’ve found that shows episode art and the shownotes the way I originally intended for you to see them... huuh, that’ll teach me to have expectations, right? Probably not.

If you’re using a different app and everything I’m talking about is showing up for you, please email me and let me know about it so I can share with everyone else. And make sure to include what phone you’re using.

Ok, enough of that, let’s move onto today’s show.

Today you’re getting a bonus, because this episode actually includes two stories. Ya see, I was so excited to begin creating this podcast that I let all the inspiration intoxicate me and wrote the first few stories before I ever asked any of the artists if I could share their work on the show. I got lucky, and our first few artists were more than happy to be included, but I haven’t been able to get in touch with the artist I’d planned on featuring today. So I don’t feel comfortable using his work without permission, but the art is beautiful, and the story is written and recorded, so I’ve decided to experiment with the format and give you a themed episode today. And our theme is butterfly art.

The first story, Flutterby, is flash fiction inspired by an oil painting, but unlike our previous e...


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