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Arcadology: Video Game History and Design


Arcadology is a podcast focused on looking at the history of video games. The show explores the earliest days of the medium up to present day with examinations into how some of your favorite games and franchises got off the ground. The show will also feature interviews with game developers and designers, as well as journalists and other subject matter experts. New episodes will be posted every two weeks.

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This episode is part two of our interview with with industry veteran David Fox. We spoke about his exit from LucasArts, his exploration of location based entertainment and VR, his Rube Goldberg game, as well has Thimbleweed Park.

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In this episode we spoke with industry veteran David Fox about his time at LucasFilm Games, his exploration of immersive entertainment, and his reunion working with the old LucasArts crew on Thimbleweed Park. This will be a two part episode, with the first part focusing on the early days of the point and click adventure game genre.

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