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Addressing the Final Mile !

Addressing the Final Mile !


Our guest for this episode is Paul Yewman, PostTag Group CEO.

We will discuss about how PostTag makes a difference in enabling people to be more performant, carriers do more with the same and unlock additional revenue for drivers, carriers, restaurants and aggregators!

Paul Yewman quick quote:

"So what is PostTag? Simplistically put, PostTag gets drivers to the right front door first time, every time. That's what we do and how we do that is by a combination of address verification. You'll be amazed at how many people can't put their correct address in and then using that to give it actual pinpoint location.

If we had several hours I could table the reasons why this is such an issue, Mainly it is because people do not use their correct address, you'll be amazed that amount of people that use vanity addresses or can't spell say they live in Richmond when they live don't live in Richmond, etc. Also, the fact that when you put an address into your computer at home, if you put it incorrectly, every time you use that, the autocomplete will use it.

Considering the UK as a whole, on average 45 % of all addresses are more than 50 meters away from where your satellite navigation systems place the pin. The challenge is that when the system was built, the postcode system was designed for postmen, yes postmen!

The postman doesn't usually look at the address as he knows by the name who lives at that address and if you drill to the postcode, it doesn't really fit today's marketplaces needs! Looking at the UK as a whole with apparently 4.7 million people working in the gig economy, you can split that down into who does the carrier work for, enable them to become more efficient and enable them to earn more money.

We do that by the fact they don't have to waste time looking for an address, about 45% of UK addresses can be broken down by putting a time penalty against it.

Around 22 % of those are between 30 and 80 meters away from where they say therefore that's a 90 second added time penalty: 19 % are between 80 and 150 which is a three minute time penalty and once you go above 150 meters is 8 minutes or more.

We can enable carrier drivers to make up an additional £88 GBP extra per week and we do that by the accuracy we provide to do an average two extra deliveries per shift so there's an n-fold benefit - 1): drivers make more money - 2): restaurants making more because they can deliver more product and the aggregators make more because they make more doing more with the same fleet and being customer-centric."

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04/14/20 • 38 min

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