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An Excellent Life

Gina Tiritilli

We share stories, perceptions and simple ways to daily align your heart, mind, and spirit to create a strong, confident foundation so that you can live more boldly with compassion and grace. Support this podcast:

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Since the spirit of each person is the part that is made in the image of God’s spirit, it's the part of us that knows fullness of joy and love into infinity. When people decide to go on a journey to find themselves, it's helpful because they put themselves in an unknown or challenging situation where the bedrock of who they are gets shaken up. They discover more about themselves as well what's most important to them. The spirit has all the answers and moral compass. However, we don't need to go on a walk-about to find out what that means. We only need tools to give our soul, which is made up of the heart/emotional process and the mind/thought process to let go of what isn't meant to be part of who we are and we become established in our authenticity. That is what this verse means, you already have the image of the Supreme Being Spirit inside of you to show you the way. Finding the way to spirit and soul alignment is uncovering and discovering your true self.

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We’ll continue this conversation in our next episode, next Wednesday, June 23, “If It’s Inside, How Do I Get It Out?” Until then, have a great week from Gina T and Bree from An Excellent Life

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