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AmLit Readers: American Literature, Culture, and History Podcast

Prof. O'Malley

Discussion of American literature, culture, and history; connects readers to books; and offers analysis of famous first lines from books.

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14.2 Appendix to Career Episodes

(or watch YouTube video here)

College Bucket List (things to do before you graduate)

____ Buy a stapler

____ Find your trusted news site

____ Identify role models (from history, business world, or family)

____ Get a passport

____ Bike or walk the Kearney trail from Cottonmill to Ft. Kearny

____ Attend a free play put on by the Theatre dept (bonus points for trying out for a play)

____ Go to MONA at least once every semester

____ Identify your craft (writing, photography, music, arts and craft, drawing, etc.)

____ Attend a reading by an author or poet

____ Find your favorite outdoor spot on campus

____ Identify your coffee habit (if not at all)

____ Find your perfect writing instrument

____ See a music performance at the Fine Arts Building

____ Recreate on the quad in spring

____ Go to a campus speaker sponsored by a different college from your major (bonus points for raising your hand during the Q&A)

____ See a foreign language film at the World Theater

____ Identify the country you most want to visit (bonus points for checking out study abroad possibilities even if you think don’t have the time or money)

____Volunteer in the community or in a campus imitative

____ Figure out your health regime (what to eat/ how and when to exercise)

____ Take on a leadership role in campus organization

____ Study or write a paper in a café (like Baritas or Calico Coffee)

____ Check out a library book you want to read for fun

____ Write a dream resume that you’d like to have by the end of your senior year

____ Make a list of 12 people you would call if you were desperate for a job; then see if you can increase the number to 40 (it’s easier to make this list when you’re not so desperate)

____ Follow up with professors/staff who put themselves forward as a mentor

____ Write and send a “letter to the editor” to the campus newspaper

____ Find a group of friends to go see the Sandhill Cranes in the spring

____ Learn to cook one infallible dish (for various potlucks that come up)

____ Identify your study spots (where will you go when you really need to study)

____ Take a Myers-Brigg personality test

____ Buy a writing handbook and an business etiquette book

____ Buy interview clothes (don’t forget shoes!)

____ Study a foreign language even if it’s not required

____ Try a new sport

____ Start a business

____Aim to visit each of your professor’s office hours at least once every semester

____Befriend an international student (bonus points if you make plans to visit them one day) or befriend an American student

____Take a poetry writing, creative writing, or screenwriting class

____Vote in an election

____Learn about investing and 401k plans for after college

____Witness a celestial event

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14.1 Appendix to Career Episodes

My picks for best career advice books (or that were recommended to me)

Further Reading

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Episode 2 of 2 on Careers for Humanities Majors Part II offers my take on the cultural imperative to find one's passion or to find one's life calling through work.

Watch the Youtube episode here: https://y

Further reading: The book cited in the episode is Scott Kelly’s memoir, Endurance: A Year in Space; a New York Times article on an experimental college can be found here Also mentioned in Jane Austen's novel Sense and Sensibility. My bucket list for college students can be found in Module 3Bc (and in an upcoming episode).

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Episode 1 of 2 on Careers for Humanities Majors Part II offers advice on starting a job and adapting to a work culture

Watch the Youtube episode:

Further reading: For more information starting a job or career see Camile Lavington’s book You've Only Got 3 Seconds and Cynthia Shapiro's Corporate Confidential for the inside scoop from individuals who work in corporate HR and training

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