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Addiction Support Podcast: Addiction Support for Family & Friends, From People Who Have Been There | Melissa Sue Tucker

Melissa Sue Tucker | Sister of 2 Brothers with Addiction | Interviewer Trying To Understand Addiction, Recovery, and Dependency

Melissa Sue Tucker from Oak Creek Wellness interviews inspiring family members and friends of alcoholics, drug addicts, and people who have struggled with other addictions. Discover tips and tricks on how we can keep ourselves healthy when we are in a relationship with an addict. You can also hear from holistic health and wellness professionals that share insight into keeping yourself well. Although Melissa confesses she does not have it all figured out, through the help of seminars, life coaches, and wellness professionals she has been able to work through her feelings of sadness, guilt, and shame associated with having two younger brothers struggle with drug addiction. After one brother passed away, she decided that his death would not be in vain. Only recently after watching Johann Hari's Ted Talk: Everything You Know About Addiction is Wrong did she decided to take action by focusing on inspiring hope and change by providing love and support to friends and family members of addicts. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” - Gandhi

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Show Notes & Video at The post "More Health, Happiness, Peace, Money | The Abundance Book Project with Derek Rydall" appeared first on Addiction Support Podcast.

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