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Living your Best Life, as the Fullest Version of You

A Meaningful Life By Design

08/16/20 • 51 min

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Heidi is an artist, a true creative, a kind-hearted and loving soul, mother to 3 boys and an incredible human, passionate about living the fullest expression of life as her most embodied self. She is a shining example of what is truly possible in life when we believe in our own strength and capability. This podcast is a must-listen conversation if you’re inspired to step up and or out, to free yourself from your limitations, follow what is truly important to you, and as a women embody your femininity and feminine power.Before we dive in, here’s little more about Heidi in terms of her Bio..Heidi Green is an artist and writer on a journey to unearth the unseen through her incredible works.As a writer, Heidi’s tells inspiring stories of transformation. She is currently writing a book set in Burma Which n a strange twist of events, the story was first sent to Heidi in a dream outside an ancient temple. Compelled by the story, Heidi began to research the places and events from her dream, and soon discovered that they had all taken place in real life. This led Heidi to begin a crowdfunding campaign, travel to Myanmar and retell the story of The Zookeepers daughter. Heidi’s novel is due for release in February 2021.As a painter, Heidi’s signature artworks are her ‘Soul portraits’, in which Heidi works with individuals to discover their unseen self and put it on canvas. Each portrait is a unique expression of one human soul..Heidi also has a range of fashion and art prints based on her paintings, which she sells online.One of eight siblings, Heidi’s unusual life has formed much of the inspiration for her work. Raised as the daughter of a Preacher and mathematics teacher, Heidi spent her early years living in an indigenous community in the West Australian desert. Winning a scholarship to study at the Queensland college of Art, Heidi completed her Bachelor of Design winning the award for top graduating student. For over twenty years, Heidi exhibited and published her work in books, magazines, at festivals, in shops and on radio as an artist, writer, musician and Designer. She featured on the Runway at Melbourne Fashion week, and represented Australia at the International Creative Contest in France, winning the Fairfax Young Creative Award in Australia. Heidi is the mother of three sons who she lives with in a grass-thatched cottage in Bali, along with an absurd number of cats.And now we welcome the lovely Heidi onto the show, settle in for a beautiful and empowering conversation.


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