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Complete list of Classic Tv Podcasts - Listen & Review on Goodpods

Advent Calendar House - TV Holiday & Christmas Specials

153 Episodes


Avg Length 66m


Latest episode 2 months ago

A salute to all TV holiday specials, but mostly the Christmas ones. Revisit 12 holiday classics and not-so-classics each December and July.
Two Hundred A Day

135 Episodes


Avg Length 90m


Latest episode 26 days ago

Two Hundred a Day is a podcast by Nathan D. Paoletta and Epidiah Ravachol. We are exploring the intensely weird and interesting world of the 70s TV detective show The Rockford Files. In each episode of Two Hundred a Day, we watch an episode, recap and review it as fans of the show, and tease out specific elements that hold lessons for writers, gamers and anyone else interested in making better stories.
The Lazor Comb Podcast

87 Episodes


Avg Length 71m


Latest episode 10 days ago

Hosts Kal & Siege attempt to recreate the pre-streaming days of TV channel surfing by watching and reviewing a random episode of a different television series each week.
Come in 81 Kilo: A Forever Knight Podcast

75 Episodes


Avg Length 92m


Latest episode 1 month ago

Super Fan Rachel and First Time Watcher Matt make their way episode by episode through the groundbreaking 1990's Canadian vampire cop television show, Forever Knight.
Don't Touch That Dial

36 Episodes


Avg Length 29m


Latest episode 2 days ago

We look back on classic TV shows and discuss the shows and stars that made watching TV before streaming, DVRs, and VCRs a whole lot of fun.