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Top Rock Podcasts

Sep 25, 2023

The Best Rock Podcasts from millions of podcasts available on the Goodpods platform and ranked by listens, ratings, comments, subscriptions and shares.

280 Episodes


Avg Length 94m


Latest episode 6 days ago

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Album reviews!! Iron Maiden Stories with REAL FANS!! Somewhere Back In Time with Iron Maiden, A historical look at Iron Maiden Songs! Plenty of miscellaneous IRON MAIDEN talk! We also discuss other bands that we love besides Maiden! UP THE IRONS!!!

Rock Podcasts

Rock music has been a powerful force in the world of music for decades, influencing culture and society in numerous ways. For true rock music lovers, immersing themselves in the music and its history is a passion that cannot be quenched by simply listening to the radio or streaming services. This is where rock podcasts come in, offering a unique and engaging way to experience the music and its stories. From casual chats about the latest rock news to in-depth analyses of classic albums and artists, rock podcasts offer something for every kind of fan.

Top 100 Rock Podcasts

Our listeners have taken the liberty of rating the top rock podcasts for you. So if you want to expand your knowledge of rock music and enjoy some great tunes along the way, give a rock podcast a listen.

What's the best rock podcast now in 2023?

Goodpods aggregates the best rock podcasts people are choosing to right now. From rock-favorites to new releases, these shows are guaranteed to be entertaining and informative. Check out the top-rated rock podcasts in 2023 according to the Goodpods list. Explore our popular categories like Music Podcasts, Piano Podcasts, and Reggae Podcasts.